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Research Center Lectures & Seminars
  • Established in 1953, the Glorious Sun School of Business and Management is home to approximately 2,800 undergraduates, 800 graduate students. School offers a series of comprehensive scientific programs including two Doctoral programs(Management Science and Engineering, Enterprise Management), 11 Master’s programs(Management Science and Engineering, Enterprise Management, Accounting, Technical Economics and Management, Exhibition and Tourism Management ,Industrial Economics, Finance, International Trade, World Economy, International Business, Logistics Engineering) and 11 Bachelor’s programs(Business Administration Management, Marketing, Tourism Management, Exhibition Economics and Events Management, Accounting, Financial Management, MIS, E-Commerce, Logistics Management, Finance, International Economics and Trade). In addition to offerings at the undergraduate level, MBA, EMBA, MEM, and MPACC are also offered. With the mission of “contribute business knowledge based on China’s development; cultivate excellent talents and advances social progress”, School’s programs such as marketing, business administration, E-commerce, logistics management, international economics and trade and accounting are ranked at the forefront of China’s universities.